Productivity software engineer based at Montpellier, France

I love automation. I increase your productivity by automating stuff.


Natural languages


Programming language



Continuous Integration

I became the so called Jenkins guru because someone had to. I am currently working with GitHub Actions.


I administrate my own Linux servers (projects hosting, personal storage, backups, …). In my current job, I manage a AWS hosted cloud infrastructure running some Docker containers with Terraform for propulsing an IOT and data-analysis platform.


Professional experiences

Lead developper / Sereema / nov 2020 - present

kFPGA / 2019 - present (kind of)

Personal project, I am developing an open-hardware FPGA architecture. Long story short, verilog, python, tcl, cocotb, synthesis, yosys, qflow, OpenROAD, Xilinx Vivado.

R&D Software Engineer / Menta / may 2014 - dec 2018

I worked at Menta as a software engineer in the R&D Software team. I was in charge of the logic synthesis in the Origami Programmer software. I also worked closely with the Hardware team by providing then tools and support.

System Administrator / Menta / may 2014 - dec 2016

Mobile Application Developer / La Jungle Design / apr 2014 - may 2014

Development of Android (java) and iOS applications (objective-c).

Mobile Application & Web Developer / Access Dev / aug 2011 - dec 2013