Welcome on my website!

I am Jonathan Tremesaygues, a thirty-something ramdom guy writing code for a living. I live in Montpellier (France) and do stuff like cooking, reading, playing table top games, riding a bike in the country side or climbing.

I am a Libre and open-source enthusiast since my ~15. Thank to jujun<, I've discovered Linux and Python in high school. Since, I mostly use opensource OS softwares whenever I can. My main computer run Arch Linux, this server is powered by OpenBSD <% Ubuntu and my FairPhone use LineageOS without the Google's craps.

Since my reading of The Circle by D. Eggers, I have deleted most of my GAFAM accounts. This book is terrifying! I think that everybody should read it. There are always these 2 GMail addresses, 'cause it's hard to update everywhere… But maybe one day!


You can send me a mail at the following. I read all my mails that does not arrive in the spam folder, but I answer according to my motivation…